John Bubb

Photo Gallery Page 2

Text Box: BMEWS Antennas

Billboard Antenna and Feed Horn

Text Box: 120 Foot Antenna
Text Box: BMEWS Office

Rest area and office in BMEWS equipment building

Text Box: BMEWS Receivers

Receiving signals from Resolution Island

Text Box:  Transmitter

BMEWS Exciter and transmitter equipment

Text Box: Site Control

Communications Control Station & Patch Panels

Text Box: Technicians

Dave Blythe and Bob Cormack

Text Box: Technicians
Text Box: Technicians

Rory Doherty, Bob Cormack & USAF Staff

Text Box: Snow Clearing

Cat & BMEWS Antenna

Text Box: Lakes
Text Box: Rocks

My best pictures of SaglekóSee also Page 1

Just below Upper Camp

John Wisker

One antenna face and equipment building

There were lots of these