John Bubb

Photo Gallery—Page 1

Most of these pictures were taken in July of 1969 and show Spring breakup. I believe the black and white winter pictures were taken later that year or early in 1970. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Text Box: Upper Camp

The radar site and living areas at Saklek

Text Box: Sunset
Text Box: Bluebell Island

Looking over the cliff at upper camp

Text Box: Cliff View

With tip of Bluebell Island

Text Box: Coast View South

Looking South from the motor pool door

Text Box: Coast View North

Looking North at Big Island

Text Box: Fiord View

Looking Northeast up Saglek Fiord

Text Box: BMEWS Antennas
Text Box: My Room

This picture contains a sound clip from Saglek

Text Box: TACAN Building

Half way between Upper Camp and BMEWS

Text Box: John Bubb
Text Box: Trackmaster

My best pictures of Saglek—See also Page 2

A Lot younger then!

From Upper Camp

Sunset from upper camp

Doug Gosse at the controls