John Bubb

Yaro Hospodarsky

Many of these pictures carry Yaro’s notes and memories.

Yaro Hospodarsky served at Saglek in Radio Maintenance in 1965 and 1966. He writes:


The Americans and Canadians at Saglek were a great bunch of dedicated professionals. It was an honour for me to have served with them. Unlike a lot of us I really enjoyed the wild beauty of Saglek. My thanks to all of you on the Pinetree Line (although there were no pine trees I could find at Saglek).


We Watched; we Waited; we Served.


The following links are to some of Yaro’s photographs (recovered from water-damaged originals), a reproduction of an article about Saglek in Command Post and many of his notes. Messages for Yaro can be sent through my email address: Click Here.

From the November 1965 Issue