John Bubb

Photo Gallery

Ken King was in the last group of US Airforce personnel to work in Saglek. Here are 12 of his best pictures used with permission.

Text Box: Saglek

From the air

Text Box: Big Island
Text Box: BMEWS Antennas

Looking West from Upper camp

Text Box: Last Days 1970

USAF staff leave Saglek to its civilans

Text Box: Aerial View

Looking South from Upper Camp

Text Box: BMEWS Antennas

Close up view of the tropo antennas

Text Box: The Cliff

1500 feet to the sea

Text Box: Refuge Building
Text Box: Upper Camp

View of Upper Camp from the sea

Text Box: Radome

Upper Camp Radome

Text Box: Trackmaster
Text Box: Supply Ship

Saglek Circa 1970

Phone: 250-494-3057


Trackmaster Vehicle

Tacan Refuge Building

Looking North from Upper Camp

Supply Ship