John Bubb

Photographs by Yaro Hospodarsky

Airman Jacobsen (and Yaro’s shadow)

Upper camp remodeled snack bar 1965—1966

“Freddie the Freeloader waiting for a handout at the entrance to the snack bar. 1965 or 1966

The radio shop was on the top floor of the radome, just below the radar antenna; our radio antennas were between it and the dome. The physical radar equipment and maintenance area was on the floor below us. Radar ops was remote from the radome.


This photo was taken by (I believe) Stowell E. Wright who was with MSgt William O. Costello when they came to the 924th A C & W to do the Story in the Command Post. A copy of this photo  was given to each of the men in this photograph (from left to right, John Mechaley, Myself (Yaro Hospodarsky) and Mark Welter)


This picture shows a partial view of some radio equipment  and the whole radio maintenance staff.

Two views of the upper camp radio station. Piped music and DJ’s and a low-watt transmitter. We received an FCC warning that our transmitter was being picked up in New Jersey and we had to check our output!!!

Unidentified airmen in the NCO Club

One of the rarest (and most appreciated) sights in Saglek.


The occasional USO show would be flown in for a performance. These two photos are of |Fran Daniels and her escorts

Left to Right standing: Bruce Hanson, Mark Welter and Frank Brooks. Sitting: James Moten

Yaro Hospodarsky

James Moten

May / June 1966. Upper Camp motor pool. Rotating out to Goose bay and then home.