John Bubb

Joseph Henry Bubb

My father headed this section of his notes “Captains Steward”

HMS Dundee J.H. Bubb, Petty Officer Steward.

March 23rd 1933 to Oct 18th 1935

St. Johns July 23rd to August 16th, 1933 Bonne Bay. Sir Wilfed Grenfell of Labrador as passenger on board. I was responsible for feeding him and valeting him during his trip.

Tortola Jan 8th to Jan 26th, 1934. Antigua 1934. Sir Reginald St. Johnstone, Governor of Leeward Islands as passenger on board. Again I was responsible for his well-being during his trip.

St. Johns Newfoundland, July 9th 1934 to July 29th. Again I had Sir Wilfred Grenfell of Labrador, the great doctor, on board. I was responsible for his welfare while a passenger. The object was to visit his missions and hospitals in Labrador & Newfoundland remote stations.

Sir Reginald Johnstone as Governor of the smaller islands had to visit them in turn.

My father maintained a detailed log of the cruise of HMS Dundee from April 6, 1933 to October 18, 1935. During that cruise Dundee traveled 52,000 miles, visited 109 ports and united 19 countries. To view the log, click Here.

Chief Petty Officer Steward Royal Navy

Born April 19, 1898, died in 1967

Joseph Henry Bubb

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