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Joseph Henry Bubb

These pages include notes written by my father and pictures that he either took or collected over the years. These are his own words. I have not added information except to place his notes in context and add some punctuation.

Starting in 2007 I am trying to pull together additional information from sources other than my own records. My progress on this project can be tracked on a separate set of pages by clicking Here.

April 19th 1916 joined “Royal Navy” during 1st World War. After training joined famous Dover Patrol on HMS Greyhound. Saw service at bombardments of Belgian coast until 31st Jan 1917. Collided with French trawler - badly damaged.

Transferred to HMS Angler (destroyer) Eastern Defence Flotilla escorting troops to France. Due to damage by collision with HM Torpedo Boat No. 98, transferred to P32 Patrol Boat escorting troops to France until armistice was signed.

Volunteered for minesweeping. Joined HMS Cupar Jan 19, 1919. 23rd Jan 1919 Cupar (was) sunk by mine—everyone saved. Transferred to HMS Badminton minesweeper. North Sea cleared of mines by 31st December 1919.

Badminton sent to Ireland, Sien Fien rebellion until 21st April 1921 when I suffered fracture of metatarsal bones of the foot by accident on board. Hospital for 3 months then joined HMS Sable destroyer, torpedo experimental boat for navy’s torpedo school until 23 November 1921 when I was transferred to HMS Urchin as captain’s valet over in Ireland again until June 7th, 1922 when peace was signed—rebellion over.

Returned to England & joined HMS Westminster as Ward Room Steward until 25th August 1922 when I was asked to join HMS Wallace as Captain A.B. Cunningham’s  valet. Transferred to Wallace until  16th July 1924. Captain Cunningham appointed Captain in Charge, Port Edgar Naval Base. Transferred to HMS Columbine, Port Edgar until May 1926.

There is a break in my father’s notes at this point. We pick up the detailed story again in March or April 1933. In those between years from 1926 to March 1933 the following few records have survived:

HMS Calcutta in 1927. One picture of Calcutta amongst the ice in Canada, one in dry dock in Bermuda and one leaving Portsmouth Dockyard.

HMS Despatch in 1928.  Several pictures of Despatch and his Crossing the Line Certificate dated 10th February, 1928 including a banner listing all the ports visited on that cruise. This page may take some time to load because one certificate is at full resolution.

HMS Galatea in Venice one undated picture.

HMS Rodney—Spring Cruise 1931.  Several pictures of HMS Rodney including one at sea commanded by Admiral Sir A.E.M Chatfield.

To Continue with the details of HMS Dundee’s cruises in March, 1933, click Here.


Chief Petty Officer Steward Royal Navy

Born April 19, 1898, died in 1967

Joseph Henry Bubb

The  date on the back of this picture is 1934 However, we are not sure if this is accurate because Joe would have been 36 years old at the time and the picture looks to have been taken at a younger age. It may have been coloured in 1934.