John Bubb

John & Carol Bubb

Christmas 2004


Welcome to my personal website. The main reason for this online presence is to provide information relating to my interests and hobbies

Welcome to all past employees of the Pinetree Line who may be visiting this site as a result of my postings and contributions to those sites. Starting from my Saglek Page you will find much  more information—most of which is under continuing development.

For family friends and  lost acquaintances who may stumble into these pages I have not provided too much personal information because of how it might be used. However, you are very welcome to browse through the site and contact us by email if you require more information or notice any errors.

These pages have been tested only on Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you are using other browsers you may experience problems that I am unable to fix.

Mailing Address

15317 Prairie Valley Road

Summerland, BC, Canada,

V0H 1Z8